Before you begin, prepare your school's class roster and student information as a comma-separated values
    (CSV) file. If you are not familiar with CSV files, read About CSV Files. Typically, you can export a CSV file
    from your school's database using one of the options below.

    The CSV file should contain the following information:

    • Student name and Grade
    • Student number*
    • Name of each class the student attends
    • Name and email of teacher for each class
    • Start and end dates for each class**
    • Parent contact information (Name, e-mail, phone numbers)***

    * ConductMonitor™ only uses student numbers to avoid data duplication and to display information in reports
    you generate.
    ** If you do not provide the start and end dates for a class, ConductMonitor™ will assume that the class lasts
    for the entire school year.
    *** This information is required for parents to use ConductMonitor™. If you do not have parent contact information
    for a student, their teacher can enter this information later.


    Select one of the options below to open a PDF file with the procedure to export student information. Choose the
    procedure that is best for your situation. After you create the CSV file, return to this page and click Next.

    About CSV Files
    CSV files are commonly used to transfer a large amount of data between database programs. A CSV file is a
    plain-text file that stores information in a specific order and format. This format requires one student record
    containing several fields such as First Name, Last Name, Student Number, etc. on each line or row. When
    viewed using a program such as Notepad or Microsoft Word, the data fields are separated by commas with no
    spaces before or after the commas. When viewed with a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, student
    records are arranged in rows and columns.