What is ConductMonitor?
ConductMonitor™ is mobile software with unprecedented Behavior documentation and crisis management features for K-12 schools. CMonitor lets teachers accurately document student behavior in seconds using any mobile device with web access. CMonitor immediately makes the information available to principals, parents, and the district (optional) in real time without emails or text messages. It lets principals view the real-time behavior status and conduct grade of all students and view up-to-date behavior statistics of the entire school from a mobile device or Principal Dashboard. It also records attendance, tardiness, and calculates student conduct grades for each grading cycle. CMonitor includes these new safety and crisis management features:

  • Lets teachers take roll call in seconds using their smartphone
  • Informs each parent of his/her child’s status through the ConductViewer web app within seconds of roll call and lets parents confirm receipt of the notification
  • Facilitates and stores all principal-teacher audio and text communication during emergencies
  • Helps teachers perform tabletop and live drills for multiple scenarios
  • Automatically creates reports of each drill or emergency, including audio and text communications of the principal, teachers and staff

Which device can I use to run it?
ConductMonitor is available on Apple iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Android smartphones and computers.


How much does ConductMonitor cost?
CMonitor is available for schools at an unbelievably low subscription price for early adopters. If your student enrollment is 500 or less, you pay the minimum amount stipulated in our pricing plan. Go to

What are the payment options?
We accept non-cash forms of payment, such as checks and credit cards, for annual billing.

ConductMonitor™ for Schools

What school databases are compatible with ConductMonitor?
You can export student data from any database as a CSV (comma-separated values) file and import it into ConductMonitor in the required format.

Where is our school’s behavior data stored?
You choose where you want us to store your school’s behavior data. No data is stored on the mobile devices that run our software.

Can we customize the student behavior categories?
The short answer is no, but here’s why. A lack of standardization in behavior documentation makes it impossible for schools, school districts, state education agencies, and federal education agencies to gather and compare longitudinal data. Principals can’t compare data across classrooms, districts can’t compare data across schools—you get the picture. ConductMonitor changes all that!

Can we use ConductMonitor for other school events?
Absolutely! You can use CMonitor to document student behavior during before- and after-school programs, extracurricular activities, and bus transportation.

Does ConductMonitor share my school’s information with any other businesses or schools?
Not a chance! Only your school district administration may be able to view your school’s data, but other schools in your district cannot access it.

How does ConductMonitor use the contact information of teachers and parents?
ConductMonitor uses contact information only to verify the identity of teachers and parents. We do not send spam messages of any type and our software does not contain advertisements.

Which grading scale does ConductMonitor use?
You can select from E-S-P-U, E-S-N-U, or A-B-C-D-F. We also use the European grading scale.

What else can ConductMonitor do?
Its features are too numerous to mention and we’re always adding more. Teachers can use it to take attendance and make the results instantly available to principals, parents, and the district. Principals really like the Stats feature that ranks all behaviors and lets them see data for all students in each behavior category. Principals also like the ability to “Flag” particular students and track their real-time behavior in the Watch List.

Can we control who uses the ConductMonitor software?
Yes. The principal (administrator) controls who can access CMonitor.

Can we temporarily assign conduct grading to a substitute teacher?
Yes. You can assign a substitute teacher to a class through the My Accounts web page.

ConductGrader™ for Teachers

How does ConductGrader work?
CGrader records data automatically every day according to your school’s bell schedule. All students start each day on green (Excellent behavior) and their conduct is recorded as Excellent unless you change it. You only use the app to mark a student absent or record a behavior incident (positive or negative). You can change a student’s behavior status to Satisfactory (yellow), Poor (red), or Unsatisfactory (blue). The principal and parents can view the real-time behavior status of the student through ConductMonitor and ConductViewer, respectively. You do not have to send emails or text messages.

How do I document a behavior incident?
In the app, select the student’s name, then change the behavior color level (optional) and select a positive or negative behavior from a standardized list in seconds. You also have the option to record a Voice Memo or Note while the details are still fresh. Only the principal can access your Voice Memo or Note.

Can I buy ConductGrader if my school doesn’t use ConductMonitor?
Absolutely! You can download the ConductGrader app now from the App Store. You can use most of its features for free. You can subscribe if you want to use some of its advanced features such as Voice Memo and sending ConductViewer links to parents.

ConductViewer™ for Parents

Can my spouse and I use ConductViewer to monitor our child’s behavior?
Yes. Both of you can access the same secure web link. Do not share this link with anyone else unless you want them to view your child’s behavior through the end of the school year. We change the link each school year.

Will ConductViewer let us see the behaviors of all our children at the same school?
Yes. We will give you a separate link to view the behavior of each of your children.

Our children attend different schools. Can we use ConductViewer to monitor each of them?
Yes, you can view the behavior of each child who attends a school that uses ConductMonitor.